Daily Devotional & Web Stats

Starting on December 5, 2011, the daily devotional on the web site will be about the Christmas miracle. The angelic announcements to Zacharias, Mary, and Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men, Simeon, and Anna. The month will end with boyhood and beginning ministry of Jesus Christ.


As of this writing, the church web site has been visited by 6 foreign countries, and 23 states. The newest states to log on are: Illinois, Virginia, New York, Iowa, Minnesota, and Delaware. We have had 24 visits from computers that do not register where in the US they are, and we have had several visits from Israel, though it doesn't show up on the map. The state of Florida has had 28 cities log on, and the top three states for logging on are: Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Roger Walton